About US

Houston SEO Experts

and Web Design Services

We are a Houston - based SEO expert  & Web Design company.

We facilitate the process of customers finding and connecting with business owners online through the biggest sources of website traffic: Google and YouTube through search engine optimization.

In our industry we stand for empowerment, multiplicity and shine.

By empowerment we mean that we don't like to only use my skills with our clients, we teach them to acquire skills of their own. Whatever can be in their control and will make them independent from us, we share with them: how to send out their e-mail marketing and analyze their results (set it up if they don't currently have a list), how to upload their YouTube videos, how to make changes to their websites (in case the process requires building a new one).

By multiplicity we mean that we help them multiply their success online. As is the case of one of our clients: their YouTube video had 200 views in 3 years, we've been able to bring them to 1,000 view is 90 days. Their e-mail list had 800 opt ins in 4 years, we have been able to get them to 300 more in 90 days. Same goes for their website visits. we help them connect with more people.

By shine we mean, we've been able to move them from having dull websites, to websites that capture their essence and make them stand out. Whether the process involves building a new website or not, we am able to identify their weak points in capturing clients and help them improve there.

We've heard from many clients that their previous company didn't want to help transfer their domain when they wanted to move on, that they didn't have control over their email list and had to contact the company every time they want to send an e-mail out. We've seen client YouTube videos in the marketer's channel instead of the client's. We stand against that. We believe in giving my clients freedom to shine on their own. If they need us again in the long run, we're here. If they want to work with someone else later, that's okay too. We'll facilitate the process, not punish them. Everyone gets to have their graduation.