Photographer, Get More Clients Online in 2014 & A Gorgeous New Website

 Dear Photographer, We've Been There

In that place where you get so much praise for being creative, artistic, passionate about what you do, all while looking at your bank account and wondering where's the genius part of you there.

It's frustrating, right? You might have wondered if you are really meant to do this for a living; if it's really worth the pain or worry of not making enough on time to pay your bills as you feel you should.  

So we get where you're coming from because we've been there:

Loving what you do, but hating your financial outcome.

Before you think this is a sales page like any other, give yourself a minute. 

You are probably wondering what changed for us? How did we turn this around?

We found that our financial hole wasn't due to not working long hours or not delivering great work. We found out that we were indeed, doing many things, yet among them not the right things for our business to expand. 

Although we were helping people do better online, we weren’t using the right resources to attract the clients we needed month after month in order to make ends meet. 

So we decided to change. Being online wasn't enough. We had to learn the difference between what we had to put more effort into and what was less effective and too time-consuming.

Now, before you think this is too complicated

We've realized that with the right tools available online we can attract clients to our business with less effort.  

We are not talking about being sucked into some shady scheme or pretending you'd make millions overnight.

We are talking about learning how to do what we’re doing now, attracting great clients, who could benefit from what we do, while having more time to deliver great work.  (That's what brought you here to our website!)

We all know great changes require a degree of commitment, so we are asking you, would you commit if you knew you’d start seeing financial results soon?

Would you commit if it meant that with your photography business you could make more money for you and your loved ones?

If your answere is yes, we’ve prepared something extra special for you:

A video guide so you can learn from the comfort of your home how to*:

  • Use Facebook for your business vs. the regular profile
  • Get New Clients with Facebook Ads (This alone is worth gold!)
  • Use Google Ads to get more clients
  • Use Mail Chimp to send Newsletters and Deals
  • Increase Website Traffic with Pinterest

All for only $397

As a Bonus you get:

  • A 20 minute Initial Consultation over the phone*
  • Initial Set up Service where we will help you customize the colors, install your logo, and change background photos!**
  • Help getting your domain to work

A complete and beautiful website template like this one, designed exclusively for photographers with:

  • Mail Chimp Sign up and Service introduction buttons on Home Page
  • Social Media Buttons
  • About Us 
  • Blog
  • Investment information
  • Testimonials
  • Booking Information
  • Booking Form with Paypal deposit access
  • Contact Form
  • 3 months of Free Web Hosting***


Access to a full video training so you can learn how to****:

  • Change the text on your website regularly without coding
  • Change the Menu titles on your website
  • Make your website regularly fresh changing background photos 
  • Customize your booking form and the Paypal deposit fee

While our private clients pay more than $3,250 for our 1-on-1 help, let’s face it, this is an amazing gift starting with the Bonus New Website alone!

So let’s recap

You are getting help attracting clients online to grow your photography AND you’re getting a brand new website designed exclusively for photographers worth more than $1,500 all for just $397.

If you are unsure about whether we produce results here’s what some of our clients say about us:

"Keilah Sanchez and Web On Purpose have offered me their services and throughout the process I have been surprised with their professionalism, dedication and effort in having a final product of excellence. I am very pleased."

-Maribel Cintron, Ortiz Cintron Family Insurance

“I’ve used Sheila Miranda’s services for the past 2 years and my experience has been extraordinary. The professionalism, dedication and creativity coming from Sheila Miranda and her team have allowed me to take to another level the presentations I use for multinational companies and organizations such as Gerencia de Recursos Humanos (SHRM-PR). Miranda and her team develop a special and intimate connection with their clients even before beginning their projects. I am very satisfied with the services provided and I recommend them without measure.”    

- Lcdo. Ydelfonso López Morales, O'Neill & Borges, San Juan PR

"Working with Keilah Sanchez y Web On Purpose has been a pleasure. She has won my trust and respect as a professional. Friendly and service-driven are among their qualities. If I had to start all over again, I'd do it with them!"

- Luis Vazquez, MD, Doctors Weight Loss

If you’ve been looking for solutions, and want 2014 to be your time to shine, it’s time for you to take action!

Don’t wait around for too long. The price is going up in the next couple of days!


Wishing you all the success in the world!

Kei & Shei

Web On Purpose


We care about you and love clarity. Please read our terms:

*Initial Consultation will be scheduled by order of purchase.

**Please allow 10 days for template color and background customization once you have provided us with the images we are going to use and preferences.

***Once the 3 months of free hosting are over, you will be billed $9.97 a month for hosting. If you decide you want to work with your own hosting company, we will gladly send you the back up of your site so they can assist you with the installation.

****The Log In for the training is available for 6 months starting January 20, 2014. If you decide you still want to have access to the training, there is a monthly fee of $9.97